The Management of Oil Industry Exploration & Production Data

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5 The Data Management Body of Knowledge

In 2009 DAMA (Data Management International) published the first version of their "Data Management Body of Knowledge". This is an attempt to characterize the whole of data management in a single generic framework, and for the most part it works. The oil industry, like any major sector, has some unique features, so any generic description is bound to not match in a few places. This chapter explores these differences.

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New Material

Since the book was written we have identified a number of new items that help illuminate the material in Chapter 5:

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New Item 5.6
Should we have a formal group to coordinate the topic?
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New Item 5.5
You have to have a theory in order to see what isn't there
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New Item 5.4
What would be in the oil industry Body of Knowledge?
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New Item 5.3
Finding a new way to seeing the world is always a good thing
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New Item 5.2
Could this whole approach be wrong? What to ask a sceptic
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New Item 5.1
A short piece on why even a distorted map can help understand complex territory


In the book Chapter 5 contains references to the following related material:

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Book Ref 19
DAMA International (2009) "The DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge"
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Book Ref 20
DAMA International (2008) "The DAMA Dictionary of Data Management"
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Book Ref 21
Hawtin, S. (2010) "Applying DAMA to E&P Data" presented at PNEC 14, ECIM 2010 & EAGE Vienna 2011

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