The Management of Oil Industry Exploration & Production Data

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16 Other elements

The focus of the book is on the way that data is handled, however there are a number of other potential issues with business processes, infrastructure and software. This chapter touches on the requirements that other elements place on the "information layer".

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New Material

Since the book was written we have identified a number of new items that help illuminate the material in Chapter 16:

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New Item 16.2
Making the story interesting is an essential skill
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New Item 16.1
Is overselling simple concepts required to get innovative tools funded?


In the book Chapter 16 contains references to the following related material:

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Book Ref 45
Marks, L. (2008) "IT Doesn't Matter - Or Does It?" from SPE: Journal of Petroleum Technology Dec 2008
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Book Ref 46
Internet Engineering Task Force (1969-2012) - Various Request for Comments

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