The Management of Oil Industry Exploration & Production Data

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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains the answers to some frequently asked questions. If youwant to pose a new question you can do so with the form on this page.Here are the topics currently discussed on this page:

Where can I buy the book?

There is a page on this site that explains the various options for purchasing the book.

Can I download a digital version of the book?

There is currently no eBook or other digital versions available and I have no plans to create one.

How often do comments get collected or new updates get posted?

We try to ensure that someone (usually Steve) looks at what has been posted at least once a week. However, we all have other jobs which might interfere with that schedule. So if you have sent a comment or question we ask for your indulgence if it is taking a while to post an update to the site. If something is urgent (or overdue) you could try Steve's direct email address shown on the "Who are we?" page.

Why is the speling so bad?

Some of the text on the site might not achieve the high standards of quality that we set ourselves. We do attempt to check everything before it is sent out, but sometimes we are more focused on responding quickly rather than checking spelling and punctuation. If you find a place where we can correct dubious spelling, bad grammar or English that is less than clear we would welcome your suggestions.

In fact we would like to hear from you whatever your comment, question or observation. Each page on the site has a form at the end that you can useto contact us.

Can I have a free copy of the book?

Steve: At the moment no one, not even my mother, has been given a free copy of the book. The topic is, obviously, fairly specialised, so the pool of potential readers is quite small. The decision was taken to charge the lowest possible price for it in order to encourage its spread. These two facts together mean that there is a very limited budget for promotion and no "spare" copies have been printed.

Depending on sales this view might change, a number of people have suggested that the book should cost $70 rather than $7.99. If that were the price then it would be easier to justify the investment in promotion and distributing, "free" copies would be one of the ways of doing that.

Can I reuse the figures?

The goal of the book was to provide an introduction to "things that everyone should know" for those managing subsurface data. So, the intention is that a reasonable level of reproducing the figures is encouraged, provided the source is acknowledged. However, the bland phrase "the source is acknowledged" does hide some challenges. The majority of figures in the book are derived from material that has been published elsewhere, and whose copyright rests with someone other than me. It is not my intention to deprive anyone of their rights, which is why most original sources are acknowledged in the book. I was however less vigilant than perhaps I should have been in noting sources.

This concern to recognise the original rights holder is the reason why I ask that anyone wanting to exploit the figures contact me before they do so.

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7 Jun 2013

eBook Version

Hello Steve,

I'd like to buy your book, but not hardcopy. I live in Jakarta and Amazon deliveries don't always work well. Is the book available in electronic format?

Thank you

At the moment there is no digital version available, and there are no plans to release one