The Management of Oil Industry Exploration & Production Data

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1 Introduction 12 Physical data
2 Value of data 13 Documents
3 Subsurface data 14 Auditing
4 Current practice 15 Quality
5 DMBoK 16 Other elements
6 Governance 17 Assessing
7 Architecture 18 Glossary
8 Development 19 Figures
9 Operations 20 Bibliography
10 Security 21 Index
11 Corporate data 22 Further info
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20 Bibliography

Chapter 20 of the book consists of a listing of matetial related to each chapter. Some of the documents and presentations can be hard to locate, this page provides a listing of the best sources that we have managed to locate. If we know where the material can be publicly accessed we have provided a link, otherwise if the copyright holder has given permission you can download the file from this site. Where neither of these is allowed we have tried to provide enough hints to help you track down the material.

If you know a better link than what we have listed, or if you own the copyright on one of these and would be happy to let us host a file we would be interested to hear from you. Contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.

There is also a listing of new material that links to extra papers, presentations and sources which are not listed in the book's bibliography.

Chapter 2 The value of data to oil companies

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Book Ref 1
Common Data Access Limited & Schlumberger (2011) "The business value case for data management" available for download free from the web
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Book Ref 2
Haines, P. & Wiseman, M. (2011) "Quantitative Value of Data & Data Management" presented at PNEC 15
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Kozman, J.B. (2005) "Data on Demand: The Emerging Business Case" SPE93625 presented at 14th SPE Middle East Oil & Gas Show and Conference
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Kozman, J.B. (2008) "The Value of Data in Multiple Repositories" SPE118451 presented at SPE Gulf Coast Section Digital Energy Conference and Exhibition
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Book Ref 5
Smith, A.H. (2002) "The Economic Advantages of Managing Data, ONCE!" SPE78337 presented at the SPE European Petroleum Conference
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Book Ref 6
Porter, M. (1985) "Competitive Advantage"
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Book Ref 7
Dunn, M.D. (1992) "A Method To Estimate the Value of Well Log Information" SPE24672 presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition
Paper Icon
Book Ref 8a
Shearer, D. & Garcia, D. (2006) "Burlington: Improving technology investment planning with metering" Presented at PNEC conference Houston
Paper Icon
Book Ref 8b
Shearer, D. & Garcia, D. (2006) "Burlington: Improving technology investment planning with metering" paper explaining the slides

Chapter 3 E&P data for the non-specialist

Biblio Icon
Book Ref 9
Selley, R. (1998) "Elements of Petroleum Geology"
Biblio Icon
Book Ref 10
Lowrie, W. (2007) "Fundamentals of Geophysics"
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Book Ref 11
Monroe, J. S. (2012) "Changing Earth: Exploring Geology and Evolution"
Biblio Icon
Book Ref 12
Murck, B. (2012) "Visualizing Geology"

Chapter 4 Current practice

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Book Ref 13
Foreman, R. & Stone, M. (2012) "Data Management: A Strategy for the Long Haul" presented at PNEC 16
Paper Icon
Book Ref 14
Priest, M. Ali, F. & Baghazal, M. (2011) "Building Sustainable Information & Knowledge Management Processes at RasGas" presented at PNEC 15
Paper Icon
Book Ref 15
Kozman, J. & Hawtin, S. (2008) "The Main Sequence: Matching Data Management Change to the Organization" presented at PNEC 12
Paper Icon
Book Ref 16
Garbarini, M., Catron R.E. and Pugh, R. (2008) "Improvements in the Management of Structured and Unstructured Data" IPTC12035 presented at the International Petroleum Technology Conference 2008
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Book Ref 17
Marechal, A. and Robert, A. (1998) "The Road to Information Management in the Oil Industry" from 15th World Petroleum Congress
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Book Ref 18
Miller, R.G. and Gardner, J.S. (1995) "Geoscience data value, cost and management in the oil industry" in Geological Society, London, Special Publications 1995

Chapter 5 The Data Management Body of Knowledge

Biblio Icon
Book Ref 19
DAMA International (2009) "The DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge"
Biblio Icon
Book Ref 20
DAMA International (2008) "The DAMA Dictionary of Data Management"
Paper Icon
Book Ref 21
Hawtin, S. (2010) "Applying DAMA to E&P Data" presented at PNEC 14, ECIM 2010 & EAGE Vienna 2011

Chapter 6 Data Governance

Biblio Icon
Book Ref 22
The Cabinet Office (2011) "Managing Successful Programmes Manual"
Biblio Icon
Book Ref 23
PMi (2008) "The Standard for Program Management"
Website Icon
Book Ref 24
ISACA (2012) "COBIT 5: A Business Framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT"
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Book Ref 25
Kenneth Nordstrøm et al (2011) "DONG E&P Data Ownership Model" Presented at EAGE Vienna
Paper Icon
Book Ref 26
Berkin, J. (2012) "Developing IM professionals in Schlumberger" presented at PNEC 16

Chapter 7 Data Management Architecture

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Book Ref 27
The Open Group (2011) "TOGAF Version 9.1"
Biblio Icon
Book Ref 28
Brooch, G. Rumbaugh, J. & Jacobson, I. (2005) "The Unified Modeling Language User Guide"
Website Icon
Book Ref 29
Zachman, J. (2008) "Concise Definition of the Enterprise Framework"
Biblio Icon
Book Ref 30
McCandless, D. (2010) "Information is Beautiful"

Chapter 8 Data Development

Biblio Icon
Book Ref 31
Office of Government Commerce (2005) "Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2"
Website Icon
Book Ref 32
PMi (2008) "A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge"
Paper Icon
Book Ref 33
Hawtin, S., Abusalbi, N., Bayne, L. and Chidwick M. (2002) "The Data Integration Spectrum" presented at AAPG Cairo 2002

Chapter 9 Data Operations

Website Icon
Book Ref 34
itSMF International (2008) "IT Service Management Based on ITIL v3"

Chapter 10 Data Security

Biblio Icon
Book Ref 35
Alexander, D. Finch, A. et al (2008) "Information Security Management Principles: An ISEB Certificate"

Chapter 11 Corporate and project data

Paper Icon
Book Ref 36
Corbin, N. (2011) "Is all E&P Data Master Data" presented at PNEC 15
Paper Icon
Book Ref 37
Hawtin, S. & Bayne, L. (2003) "Deliver Your Master Data Store" presented at SMI conference in London

Chapter 13 Document Management

Unknown Icon
Book Ref 38
Hicks, J. (2009) "Users are increasing their demands for metadata: can the industry meet their expectations?" presented at PNEC13
Biblio Icon
Book Ref 39
Rosenfeld, L. & Morville, P. (1998) "Information Architecture"
Biblio Icon
Book Ref 40
Morville, P. (2005) "Ambient Findability"

Chapter 15 Data Quality

Paper Icon
Book Ref 41
Turner, N. Harvey, N. & Husband, Z. (2012) "Successfully selling the case for data quality" presented at the UK DAMA meeting
Paper Icon
Book Ref 42
Curtis, T. (2009) "Business Rules & Data Quality" presented at PNEC
Paypaper Icon
Book Ref 43
Radhay, R. (2008) "Facilitating Data Quality Improvement in the Oil and Gas Sector" SPE Asia Pacific Conference - Perth
Paypaper Icon
Book Ref 44
Duller, P.R. (1995) "The quality assurance of geological data" from Giles, J. R. A. (ed.) 1995, Geological Data Management, Geological Society Special Publication No 97

Chapter 16 Other elements

Paper Icon
Book Ref 45
Marks, L. (2008) "IT Doesn't Matter - Or Does It?" from SPE: Journal of Petroleum Technology Dec 2008
Website Icon
Book Ref 46
Internet Engineering Task Force (1969-2012) - Various Request for Comments

Chapter 17 Assessing Data Management

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Book Ref 47
Hawtin, S. (2009) "E&P Data Assessments - Are They Worth the Cost?" presented at PNEC 13
Paypaper Icon
Book Ref 48
Kozman, J.B. & Gimenez, L. (2004) "Maturity Models for E&P Data and Information Management Organizations" SPE88666 presented at Abu Dhabi International Conference and Exhibition
Paper Icon
Book Ref 49
Neri, P. (2010) "Data Management important when choosing software" in Digital Energy Journal Dec 2010
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Book Ref 50
Hawtin, S. (2006) "Experience from IM Assessments: E&P Data Management in 2006 " presented at PNEC 10
Biblio Icon
Book Ref 51
Janert, P. K. (2010) "Data Analysis with Open Source Tools"

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