The Management of Oil Industry Exploration & Production Data

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8 Data Development

The main data management development activity within most oil companies focuses on building integration bridges between sophisticated applications supplied by different vendors. In addition to discussing the key requirements to best achieve this integration this chapter also touches on the related disciplines of project management and change management.

Errata: Figure 69 in Chapter 8 should be labeled as "Levels of integration between systems".

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New Material

Since the book was written we have identified a number of new items that help illuminate the material in Chapter 8:

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New Item 8.6
Why is there so little integration in exploration and production data?
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New Item 8.5
Data Integration Technology report from 2000 (for those interested in history)
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New Item 8.4
Adopting new standards can be a difficult change to implement
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New Item 8.3
It can be hard to empathise with other people's reaction to change, but publicity can stop them being nasty
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New Item 8.2
Just because two people use the same name doesn't mean they are talking about the same thing
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New Item 8.1
A short explination of what really makes E&P data standards hard to define


In the book Chapter 8 contains references to the following related material:

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Book Ref 31
Office of Government Commerce (2005) "Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2"
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Book Ref 32
PMi (2008) "A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge"
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Book Ref 33
Hawtin, S., Abusalbi, N., Bayne, L. and Chidwick M. (2002) "The Data Integration Spectrum" presented at AAPG Cairo 2002

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