The Management of Oil Industry Exploration & Production Data

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6 Data Governance

The topic of "Data Governance" has become much more visible in recent years. Inevitably this has spread confusion about exactly what the term means. This chapter outlines one way to approach "Data Governance" that focuses on achieving practical goals and incrementally improving the situation, even in the challenging environment of a working oil company.

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New Material

Since the book was written we have identified a number of new items that help illuminate the material in Chapter 6:

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New Item 6.11
'Fear has Replaced Apathy as the Number One Enemy of Data' by Thomas Redman
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New Item 6.10
Writing good data standards is harder than one might think
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New Item 6.9
Its not new tools we need, its a change in approach
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New Item 6.8
Dave Blosser (Chevron) and Paul Haines (Noah) on Data Governance at Chevron GOM
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New Item 6.7
Without an idea of what should be there how can we see what isn't
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New Item 6.6
If you want to be correctly understood you have to be paranoid about words
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New Item 6.5
Brevity is important in its place, but sometimes you have to be comprehensive instead
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New Item 6.4
Failing to plan is planning to fail, failing to analyse is stupid even when you know you're wrong
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New Item 6.3
Changing our outlook would make delivering data management a whole lot easier
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New Item 6.2
Data Governance at Devon available from the Noah Consulting site
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New Item 6.1
'Data Governance: We Know We Want It, But What Is It?' presented at PNEC17 Houston 2013


In the book Chapter 6 contains references to the following related material:

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Book Ref 22
The Cabinet Office (2011) "Managing Successful Programmes Manual"
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Book Ref 23
PMi (2008) "The Standard for Program Management"
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Book Ref 24
ISACA (2012) "COBIT 5: A Business Framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT"
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Book Ref 25
Kenneth Nordstrøm et al (2011) "DONG E&P Data Ownership Model" Presented at EAGE Vienna
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Book Ref 26
Berkin, J. (2012) "Developing IM professionals in Schlumberger" presented at PNEC 16

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