The Management of Oil Industry Exploration & Production Data

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2 The value of data to oil companies

Measuring the value that data, and data handling, deliver to oil companies is crucial. Obviously no investment in new projects or services will be made until the senior managers are convinced that it will improve the overall business results, but, delivering iron-clad proof of the business benefit is not a simple matter. This chapter explores three examples of different approaches that have been applied in the past to prove the connection from data handling to business value in different companies.

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New Material

Since the book was written we have identified a number of new items that help illuminate the material in Chapter 2:

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New Item 2.17
Data management should be considered a core competency for all oil companies
Paper Icon
New Item 2.16
Should oil companies be expanding or cost saving?
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New Item 2.15
Noah Consulting's 'Industry Insight: IM Benchmarking' event April 2013
Paper Icon
New Item 2.14
A paper from the Molten group about the value of good sub-surface data management
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New Item 2.13
A comparison of how different industries manage their data, from Oracle
Paper Icon
New Item 2.12
Detailed models often deliver the most accurate results
Paper Icon
New Item 2.11
Sometimes a strategic model delivers better results than a detailed one
Paper Icon
New Item 2.10
Why using decision trees has limited strategic application
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New Item 2.9
Using a time budget approach to showing value is of limited utility
Paper Icon
New Item 2.8
Five different models that have the potential to demonstrate data's value
Paper Icon
New Item 2.7
Changing scale means doing things differently
Paper Icon
New Item 2.6
Eggert, J., Tidemann, S. & Kozman, J. (2011) "Communicating the Value of Data Management to Non-Technical Stakeholders"
Paper Icon
New Item 2.5
How do you work out the value of a single process?
Paper Icon
New Item 2.4
The benefits of being just a little bit better than the next guy
Paper Icon
New Item 2.3
Short introduction to data, information and knowledge
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New Item 2.2
The lessons that a TV Gameshow teaches about risk
Paper Icon
New Item 2.1
Should you be telling other oil companies about your data handling successes?


In the book Chapter 2 contains references to the following related material:

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Book Ref 1
Common Data Access Limited & Schlumberger (2011) "The business value case for data management" available for download free from the web
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Book Ref 2
Haines, P. & Wiseman, M. (2011) "Quantitative Value of Data & Data Management" presented at PNEC 15
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Book Ref 3
Kozman, J.B. (2005) "Data on Demand: The Emerging Business Case" SPE93625 presented at 14th SPE Middle East Oil & Gas Show and Conference
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Book Ref 4
Kozman, J.B. (2008) "The Value of Data in Multiple Repositories" SPE118451 presented at SPE Gulf Coast Section Digital Energy Conference and Exhibition
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Book Ref 5
Smith, A.H. (2002) "The Economic Advantages of Managing Data, ONCE!" SPE78337 presented at the SPE European Petroleum Conference
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Book Ref 6
Porter, M. (1985) "Competitive Advantage"
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Book Ref 7
Dunn, M.D. (1992) "A Method To Estimate the Value of Well Log Information" SPE24672 presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition
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Book Ref 8a
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Book Ref 8b
Shearer, D. & Garcia, D. (2006) "Burlington: Improving technology investment planning with metering" paper explaining the slides

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