The Management of Oil Industry Exploration & Production Data

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17 Assessing Data Management

There are a number of techniques that can be applied to document data management practices and implications.

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New Material

Since the book was written we have identified a number of new items that help illuminate the material in Chapter 17:

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New Item 17.9
One good assessment question is to ask about people, process, tools and data
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New Item 17.8
Jezz Kozman and Ed Evans employ maturity metrics to define business strategy
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New Item 17.7
Seven different types of stories that can be told with data
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New Item 17.6
Showing results in poster form has all sorts of advantages
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New Item 17.5
A2 paper sized version of the BigOil poster (6Mb file) showing more detail
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New Item 17.4
Maturity is a good metric, but it is not enough
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New Item 17.3
The concept of Maturity for data management is now fairly mature
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New Item 17.2
'Putting the Head Back on the Chicken' by Jess Kozman presented at PPDM Perth DM Symposium Aug 2012
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New Item 17.1
The standards provide some great checklists when assessing data managment


In the book Chapter 17 contains references to the following related material:

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Book Ref 47
Hawtin, S. (2009) "E&P Data Assessments - Are They Worth the Cost?" presented at PNEC 13
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Book Ref 48
Kozman, J.B. & Gimenez, L. (2004) "Maturity Models for E&P Data and Information Management Organizations" SPE88666 presented at Abu Dhabi International Conference and Exhibition
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Book Ref 49
Neri, P. (2010) "Data Management important when choosing software" in Digital Energy Journal Dec 2010
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Book Ref 50
Hawtin, S. (2006) "Experience from IM Assessments: E&P Data Management in 2006 " presented at PNEC 10
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Book Ref 51
Janert, P. K. (2010) "Data Analysis with Open Source Tools"

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