The Management of Oil Industry Exploration & Production Data

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A number of people have contributed to this site, but the main person involved is Steve Hawtin.

Steve Hawtin

Steve Hawtin: Steve has been active in the oil industry for more than 20 years, first as the Technical Director of Oilfield Systems, a development company that created geological, sub-surface data integration and specialized systems software, then from 2001-2015 delivering Information Management consultancy to oil companies round the world for Schlumberger. Before working in the oil industry Steve worked on compilers, virtual reality, hardware design and knowledge based systems, mainly within the defense industry. His degree in Cybernetics & Computer Science was obtained 30 years ago.

Steve is the founder and a director of White Turret Ltd. The most reliable way to contect him is . In addition you can contact Steve directly at: .

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7 Jun 2013

eBook Version

Hello Steve,

I'd like to buy your book, but not hardcopy. I live in Jakarta and Amazon deliveries don't always work well. Is the book available in electronic format?

Thank you

At the moment there is no digital version available, and there are no plans to release one